Paul Manchin Entity

Ambitious, rhythm-driven, electro conscious and diverse sums up Paul Manchin's latest outing, Entity, which offers a somewhat eclectic mix of Manchin's talents. Make no mistake, this is Canadian electro-pop, but there is a slightly experimental edge to the whole recording and a playful feel to the diverse mix of tracks, which is complemented by a pared down production. Manchin even does a slow and thoughtful acoustic rendition of Neil Young's "Horse With No Name" and a great Iggy Pop imitation in "American." These are welcome surprises between the slightly too many frothy house numbers and metronome-style electronic beats. While not every song's a gem, and most of the lyrics seem unnecessary, Entity works well as a Manchin sampler, which is interesting enough to pull you back for a few listens and keeps you on the lookout for his name. (Independent)