Paul Haslinger Score

This is a second beat-related CD from former Tangerine Dream and Lightwave member Paul Haslinger, who has a dark ambient release on the Side Effects label as Coma Virus. The title, Score, gives you the idea that he also works in TV and film music. And a hip soundtrack is what Score adds up to, as he mixes moods from synths, the Quartett Wien string section, Massive Attack-style beats and world music vocals. "New India" is a dramatic take on the Bollywood sound, while "Magheda" places East Africa's Kikuyu tribe over a big hip-hop groove. With the melodic trumpet of Bumi Fian and some trance-style programming in other tracks, Score also resembles the trip-hop productions of Ben Neill. What is remarkable about this eclectic and well-recorded disc is the name of Brian "Lustmord" Williams in the credits as co-producer. Brian seemingly stepped back from the abyss (and his Hollywood soundtrack gigs) long enough to supply some backing "sound design," along with fellow-industrialist Thomas Dimuzio. There is, however, nothing underground about this release that sounds like a meeting of Barry Adamson and Deep Forest. (RGB)