Paul Chin Details New Album 'And Under Heaven We Are All Made of Water'

Kid Koala, Madison McFerrin, Manga Saint Hilare and Go Yama contribute to the Toronto artist's debut full-length

BY Calum SlingerlandPublished Jan 12, 2023

Paul Chin has detailed his debut album. The Toronto artist and producer will share And Under Heaven We Are All Made of Water on February 22 via the Nautilus Foundation/Alpha Pup.

The 12-track And Under Heaven finds Chin exploring themes of Afrofuturism, equity, and renewal in pondering both what it means to be a co-habitant of planet Earth, and where club culture could be taken in the future.

Chin shares of the latter, "These spaces have historically represented spiritual realms of escapism from our real lives – diverting our imaginations to fantasies of opulence, abundance and freedom from our vulnerabilities to a capitalist imperialist society. Upon our return, I dream of the club as having become a sacred space for those of us longing for new ways to process the tension and complexity of our newfound reality; I pray safety, gratitude, and belonging on the Black and brown people who shepherd the culture, as the listener plays these club hymns as loudly as their spirits lead them."

Joining Chin on the album are Kid Koala, Madison McFerrin, Manga Saint Hilaire and San Francisco artist/producer Go Yama.

Following the McFerrin-assisted "Brand New Moon," Chin has shared "Hype Industrial Complex" for you to hear below. Making a rare appearance on vocals, the artist rides a thrumming beat to detail the highs and the lows of creation under capitalism, where optics and marketability can supplant cultural significance.

And Under Heaven follows Chin's Full Spectrum EP, which Exclaim! named among the Best EPs of 2020. Next month, Chin will join Kid Koala and Lealani at Toronto's Axis Club on February 2.

Pre-order And Under Heaven We Are All Made of Water.

And Under Heaven We Are All Made of Water:

1. No Fear Just Vibes
2. Flourishing
3. Birdcalls (feat. Kid Koala)
4. Hype Industrial Complex
5. Variant Dodge
6. Riot Song of the Servant's Prison
7. Brand New Moon (feat. Madison McFerrin)
8. Greenhouse
9. Cleanse (Interlude)
10. For Love or Money
11. And Under Heaven (feat. Go Yama)
12. We Are All Made of Water (feat. Go Yama & Manga Saint Hilare)

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