Paul Brady Nobody Knows

This sturdy Irish-born, singer-songwriter first drew attention to himself with his involvement in a few Dublin-based R&B and traditional bands before joining the influential Planxty in 1974 (the band that launched the careers of Christy Moore, Donal Lunny, Liam O'Floinn and Andy Irvine). Gravitating back to his roots, Brady soon becoming one of Ireland's most-recognised translators of traditional music while continuing to experiment with his rock, pop and R&B writing through a series of solo records. Dylan labelled him his "secret hero" and one of his five favourite artists, while Dylan, Raitt and Tina Turner helped spin his rich, under-appreciated handicraft into gold. Yet those who know the originals cherish them like fine Irish Single Malt. This value-packed (76-minute) compilation brings you a rich sampling of the man's work, supported by musicians including Raitt, Bela Fleck and Loudon Wainwright. Yet, the songs that tower above the more commercially successful ones are the more traditional-sounding tunes like the oft-requested "The Lakes Of The Ponchartrain" (re-recorded for this package), "The Homes Of Donegal" and the bittersweet "The Island." This collection offers a spectacular soundtrack to a haunting glimpse into the misty, mysterious beauty of the Emerald Isle. (Rykodisc)