Patrick Wolf's The Bachelor Due June 1

Patrick Wolf's <i>The Bachelor</i> Due June 1
With anticipation nearing a fever pitch, Patrick Wolf has laid out the game plan for his upcoming full-length. Originally titled Battle, Mr. Wolf's record will now be called The Bachelor, and has been scaled back from a double album to a single, and given the release date of June 1 in the UK.

As previously reported, the album will still be out via Wolf's recently founded Bloody Chamber Music imprint, through which he's paired up with the music-funding website Bandstocks to allow fans to buy "shares" of the new record at £10 (about $18 CDN) a pop. Wolf has also kept his long list of guest contributers intact, which includes Atari Teenage Rioter Alec Empire, electronic maestro Matthew Herbert, folkie Eliza Carthy, classical musician Thomas Bloch and actress Tilda Swinton, who will serve as the record's "voice of hope" (i.e., narrator).

As for that second upcoming Wolf album, dubbed The Conqueror, it has yet to get a firm release date but will reportedly be out sometime in 2010, "so as not to overload people with too much information at one time," Wolf says. Also, there's no word yet on when The Bachelor might get a domestic North American release.

If you'd like to get a taste of just what the lycanthropic musician is brewing, currently over at his MySpace page he is streaming a "Battlemega Mix."

Here is the tracklisting for The Bachelor:

1. "Kriegsspiel (Wargames)"
2. "Hard Times"
3. "Oblivion"
4. "The Bachelor"
5. "Damaris"
6. "Thickets"
7. "Count of Casualty"
8. "Who Will?"
9. "Vulture"
10. "Blackdown"
11. "The Sun Is Often Out"
12. "Theseus"
13. "Battle"
14. "The Messenger"