Patrick Wolf Signs To NYLON Label

Patrick Wolf Signs To <i>NYLON</i> Label
UK chamber-popper Patrick Wolf has ironed out the North American release details of his forthcoming and highly anticipated album, The Bachelor. While the record will come out in the UK and Europe on June 1 via Wolf's own Bloody Chamber Music imprint, it will be out in Canada and the U.S. physically on August 11 and digitally on June 2 via NYLON Records, NYLON magazine's newly minted label.

As previously reported, The Bachelor comes with a long list of guest contributors, including Atari Teenage Riot's Alec Empire, Matthew Herbert, Eliza Carthy, Thomas Bloch and actress Tilda Swinton, who will serve as the record's "voice of hope." It also comes as the first of a double-album package, with the second new Wolf album, dubbed The Conqueror, due out sometime in 2010.

Wolf has some North American tour dates in the works and will play this summer's NYLON Summer Music Tour, with support from Living Things and fellow NYLON label-mates the Plastiscines. The dates, though, have yet to be announced.

The Bachelor:

1. "Kriegsspiel (Wargames)"
2. "Hard Times"
3. "Oblivion"
4. "The Bachelor"
5. "Damaris"
6. "Thickets"
7. "Count of Casualty"
8. "Who Will?"
9. "Vulture"
10. "Blackdown"
11. "The Sun Is Often Out"
12. "Theseus"
13. "Battle"
14. "The Messenger"