Partyline Zombie Terrorist

Partyline’s debut full-length is an unapologetic, combative riot grrrl-fuelled attack. Staying true to the same style Partyline debuted with in last year’s Girls With Glasses EP, Zombie Terrorist stays rooted in that early to mid-’90s indie sound that Partyline founder and ex-Bratmobile front-woman Allison Wolfe is known for. Zombie Terrorist is an 11-track, politically fused fuck you. Lyrically, the album deals heavily with the band’s dissatisfaction with neo-conservatism and the state of U.S. politics. The songs are short but forceful and pass by in a whirl of snappy hooks, popped out vocals, shout outs and tambourine jingles. The sound might seem to be a sharp contrast to the album’s theme, but Partyline make it work with songs about ass-kicking moms and yup, you guessed it, zombie terrorists. Part commotion, part revolution, part fixation, Partyline pummel and pillage these songs in such a hurried manifestation that you’ll hardly have time to breathe before it’s over. (Retard Disco)