Partyline Girls with Glasses

Partyline have some of everyone’s favourite grrrls back in action. Lead vocalist Allison Wolfe (Bratmobile), guitarist Angela Melkisethian (Savage Boys & Girls Club, Hott Beat), and drummer Crystal Bradley (the Applicators) are out to stir up more of their usual trouble with Partyline’s debut Girls with Glasses. Wolfe lays it all out and won’t disappoint any Bratmobile fans that she’s carrying over with this project. She gives all of her usual style that the world has come to know and love. Delivered in the all-or-nothing spunky, punched up, and always quirky style that these girls have become known for, Partyline tear through some great songs, like the title track, which salutes bespectacled gals, and "Unsafe at any Speed,” which brings some politics into the mix with a Ralph Nader commentary. The Partyline girls don’t stray far at all from their reputations, yet this new effort still feels exciting and new. No doubt that part of the reason for that would be the undeniable energy and wit that plays such a key factor in everything they do. (Retard Disco)