Particle Launchpad

Ravers, clubbers and live music purists beware; you are all going to love this record. Particle, a youthful Los Angeles quartet that been on the forefront of fusing electronic music with organic instruments throughout the past few years, has released one of the year’s best dance records. While touring with such industry clouts as jazz bassist pioneer Rob Wasserman and hip-hop legends the Roots, Particle has adorned a unique sound and impressive fan base to boot since their inception in 2000. Their debut release, aptly titled Launchpad, is 60 minutes of pure house, deep funk and engaging trance without the help of heavy sampling or overpowering electronic gadgetry. Led fiercely by guitarist Charlie Hitchcock and keyboardist Steve Molitz, Launchpad is live Particle, captured beautifully within the confines of the studio. Opting for an organically textured approach towards live electronic music, Particle intertwines a trance inducing rhythmic backline with swinging solo work and climactic improvisation that would be perfect for a rave, a night out at the club or a swanky dinner party at home. Whether you are a live music junkie, a DJ culture aficionado or just like to boogie, get your hands on Launchpad and prepare your senses for takeoff, because this impressive debut will fuel one hell of a trip. (Or)