Parks and Rec N.A.M.

Chris Harris is sitting on a really big secret, but it’s slowly reaching the ears of listeners. Commonly known for his work in Vancouver’s post-rock outfit the Secret Three, Harris has finally released his debut EP under the Parks and Rec moniker — nearly two years after completing the recording process. While prolonging a recording can often result in post-production tinkering and complete studio gluttony, N.A.M. has a hauntingly lo-fi approach that will transport the listener to the session rooms of 2000-2002. The fuzzy and warm feeling of this analog recording will immediately seduce listeners on "Ida,” where a sparse drumbeat and acoustic guitar melody float alongside the twang of a pedal steel guitar, before being gently swept over by the subtle-yet-powerful harmony of Harris and Nick Krgovich (P:ano). This opening track’s pared down instrumentation establishes a potent formula for the remainder of this 19-minute release, where each beat matters and every note carries its own weight of emotion. If this wasn’t enough to hook the listener, Harris’ vocal delivery transforms the songs into feelings of uncertainty and hope at the same time. Let’s hope a full-length release follows soon. (Hive-Fi)