Parish School Alikeness

A smattering of sounds that showcase some of Parish School’s ideas, Alikeness is an interesting EP that has some promise, but may fall in trouble when trying to keep attention across an entire album. Otherwise known as Brian Case, Parish School deals mainly in a sound that could be described as indie with an electronic backing, and is very similar to the Race and, coincidentally, one of that band’s members plays keyboards for Parish School. Opener "Joy” has a steady, ominous feel with the electronic backing beat mixing nicely across the singing/speaking emanations coming from Case’s mouth. Different elements like piano and simple guitar chords are layered over the lightly pounding beat and it all tries to wash the listener away, which is does at times. Much more successful is "Treetops,” which better fleshes out Parish School’s vision, allowing Case’s dark delivery to intermingle with a string backing and keeping the electro beat to a minimum. Case is by no means an excellent vocalist and he sticks to his gravely speaking voice a little too much, giving a repetitive nature to this already-short EP. Interesting ideas abound, hopefully Parish School will someday find its shadowy, menacing ideas in full bloom. (Record Label)