Parasites Misanthropy

Although definitely more punk than ska, Misanthropy, the new six song EP by Winnipeg’s Parasites has a definite Rancid/Operation Ivy influence. The Parasites (not to be confused with the Lookout Records band of the same name), play what has become known as “77 punk,” street punk in the same vein as the late ‘70s British bands. Complete with spiky hair, political lyrics and fake English accents the Parasites certainly try to be authentic. “Rat Race,” “Pollute My Mind” and the other punk songs are good examples of the band’s high-energy, politically charged music. For those who haven’t heard the Parasites, the packaging of Misanthropy might lead them to believe they are a ska band. Ska fans won’t be disappointed, however. The song “Living on a Circle,” which is not so much ska as fast reggae, is certainly one of the highlights of Misanthropy. One of the only problems with this EP is that it’s too short. The six songs, all of which are about two minutes long, leave you wanting a lot more. (Influx)