Parabola Quintile

An improvised album that straddles the line between jazz and free improv, yet leans mostly towards the former. Parabola is comprised of percussion, bass, and other more non-traditional sounds such as turntables. This is music especially for the likes of Charles Bukowski and Krad Kilodney. The material on this album is quite fun, closer to the essence of jazz by its pure adventurousness. Track three, "Vizzta Lotzza," is enjoyable because it sounds akin to the Branford Marsalis/DJ Premier collaboration "Breakfast at Denny's," with the performers adding in some primal screams and other odd vocalisations. Quintille has a street dwellers kind of madness to it - it grooves and snarls in a non sequiter fashion then calms down enough to retain its monologue groove only to explode unexpectedly once again. "Kape Cela," with its heralding cry of "Your Rent is Late!," is a smouldering bit of sound - I would dedicate it to starving artists and non-sell outs all over the world. The Parabola collective has plenty of what the jazz scene is missing: street savvy, well articulated adventurousness and pure fun. Awesome (Independent)