The Paper Cranes Veins

Victoria’s the Paper Cranes sound ready to fly up and away from their island home. Whether or not they’ll eclipse the blazing Hot Hot Heat, who a few years ago put the nation’s western Mecca on the musical radar depends on how many of these tightly folded creations they plan to make and ultimately, what they wish for. The Paper Cranes’ new EP is generating plenty of wishes from their growing fan base. Formed in 2005, they’ve since opened for Wolf Parade, We Are Scientists, and Pretty Girls Make Graves. The emotive vocals of singer Ryan McCullagh and metronomic melodies of keyboardist Miranda Roach are central to the Paper Cranes post-post-punk sound. The two also happen to be husband and wife, which is sweet. The band’s sound has drawn obvious comparisons to the Cure and the Smiths and all the hipster acts that gained notoriety in recent years for drawing similar comparisons. At any given moment there are a slew of bands aping a similar sound and style, right down to the hairdo and tone of voice. But with bands being so numerous and music being so available, listening becomes a filtering process. It’s rewarding to hear and to hang onto a band that, despite their trappings, rise above the din with their ability to write meaningful songs that don’t all sound alike, except that they all sound good. Wide-ranging without stretching themselves too thin and flying apart at the seams, the Paper Cranes are the kind of band you wish for. (Unfamiliar)