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"What Am I Going to Do with Everything I Know" (Weather Station cover)

BY Sarah MurphyPublished May 10, 2017

Tim Crabtree's Paper Beat Scissors project is ready to release the follow-up to 2015's Go On later this month, but before All We Know officially arrives, Exclaim! is giving you the first listen to a track off the upcoming LP.
"What Am I Going to Do with Everything I Know" may sound familiar to keen Canadian folk fans, as it's a cover of the title track from a 2014 EP by the Weather Station. And although Crabtree remains in reverence of the original, he's added his own flourishes to the track.
"I think the first time I saw Tamara [Lindeman, of the Weather Station] perform this song was during Summer's End Festival on a tiny island in the Bay of Fundy back in 2013," he tells Exclaim! "It was pitch black that night, no ambient light coming from anywhere, and with the silence of the rapt crowd there was really nothing there but her voice and guitar. After the festival I looked up the song online, but it hadn't been released yet, so I learned how to play it watching a video some fan had uploaded of her singing the song with Ian Kehoe in a record store."

He adds, "Tamara was kind enough to send me the lyrics (which, honestly, have morphed a little over time in my repeated singing of it) and it's been a staple of my live set ever since, to the extent that I thought it was important to document it and include it in this collection."
The cover song fits in perfectly with the album's overarching theme of "knowing" — exploring the conflicting ideas that finding certainty in anything is absurd, and yet we can only act (individually and collectively) based on that which we think we know.
All We Know is due out on May 19 through Forward Music Group, and you can see Paper Beat Scissors' upcoming European tour dates listed below. Beyond those, hit play to hear Paper Beat Scissors' rendition of "What Am I Going to Do with Everything I Know."
Tour dates:
05/28 Bocholt, Germany - Vogelhaus 
05/29 Hamburg, Germany - Molotow 
05/30 Mainz, Germany - Schon Schön 
05/31 Cologne, Germany - Weltempfanger 
06/01 Münster, Germany - Gleis 22 
06/02 Wurzburg, Germany - Cairo
06/03 Vienna, Austria - Haus Der Musik 
06/04 Augsburg, Germany - Bedroom Disco 
06/05 Munich, Germany - Theatron Pfingstfestival 
06/07 Regensburg, Germany - Heimat Regensburg 
06/08 Prague, Czech Republic - Potrvá 
06/09 Karlsruhe, Germany - Substage 
06/10 Orbe, Switzerland - Hessel 
06/11 Allschwill, Switzerland - Out in the Green festival 
06/12 Paris, France - Le Pop In (solo)
06/30 London, England - Campfire Sessions (solo)

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