Panzer AG This is My Battlefield

Panzer AG stands as one of many side projects for Icon of Coil’s Andy LaPlegua. Despite having experimented with hip-hop and punk early in his career, as well as various forms of electronica, This is My Battlefield proves that LaPlegua’s true talents lie in creating severe industrial music. Given the emotionally charged nature of the release, he apparently has something to prove to the world. His pent up aggressions are an asset, however, as the final product is an album that is destructive and brooding in all the right places. Blending elements of trance and the most accessible areas of noise music, Panzer’s savage synth work and piercing vocals accompany hostile themes of death and war. "Filth God” and "Behind A Gasmask” showcase the group’s hard-hitting tendencies. Contrastingly, "When Death Embrace Me” and "Sick is the One that Adores Me” highlight the darkly introspective nature of the disc. Fans of eccentric industrial music who are not impressed with LaPlegua’s other projects (Icon of Coil or beyond) should check this disc out anyway. You will be impressed by what you hear. (Metropolis)