Pama International Float Like a Butterfly

Claiming a "deep rooted love affair with all things ska, rocksteady and reggae,” Pama International return with their third album. Comprised of the astounding line-up of Finny and Sean Flowerdew (Special Beat), Lynvall Golding (the Specials), and Ernie McKone (Paul Weller Band), with a guest appearance from Lee Thompson (Madness), Pama International fuse old and new school soul, ska, and dub. Finny’s vocals are a definite focal point, very smooth but commanding. The swirls of ska and reggae are much the same: their presence is undeniable but none of them overpower another. This is the sound of the Specials all grown up. The energy and passion is still there, but there is something a little more delicate, more subtle, just under the surface. Pama International promise a beautiful experience, and that’s just what they deliver on this album. (Asian Man)