Pale Eyes Unveil 'Sweatshop' Mixtape

Pale Eyes Unveil 'Sweatshop' Mixtape
Last year, former Archivist members Ben McCarthy and Lisa J. Smith — the latter of whom also played in the Dears and Pony Up — shared some of the material they have been working on under the name Pale Eyes. Now, they've announced their debut mixtape, Sweatshop, will arrive on August 6.

The band is self-described as a "loose collective," which also features Colombian pop player Lido Pimienta. McCarthy crafted the 11 songs that make up Sweatshop over a three-year period. Influences include Nine Inch Nails, Brian Eno's works with David Bowie, the XX and Arcade Fire.

According to an announcement, the mixtape is "a searching, fragmented playlist that speaks to the ways in which our lives are split between compliance and protest, human connection and alienation."

The release spans noisy R&B, electronic experimentation, dance pop and found-sound textures, and resembles a proper album despite being billed as a mixtape.

Sweatshop will be available digitally and in a limited run of 50 cassettes.


1. Waves & Radiation
2. Kltr Kma
3. Empathy Exhaustion (Also Sprach Sarahthustra)
4. The Consolation of Action
5. Figure / Ground
6. Trust
7. Lonely Girls
8. Philosophka
9. Little Rain
10. Cry Out Your Goddamned Eyes at the Movies
11. Sarah Says