The Pack A.D.

'Meta Animal' (EP stream)

BY Sarah MurphyPublished May 19, 2015

Hard-rockin' Vancouver duo the Pack A.D. unleashed their latest full-length effort Do Not Engage last year, and they're ready to follow it up with a new EP called Meta Animal — which you can stream on Exclaim! right now.
Last week, the band revealed a new video for "Animal," which appears on both Do Not Engage and the new mini-album. But in addition to that track, Meta Animal offers up three new tunes from the West Coast outfit.
The Detroit-inspired "Motorvate" delivers the powerful blues-punk punch the Pack A.D. have come to be known for, serving up crunchy guitars, thumping drums and ferocious vocals. "Back in a Hole" shows off a bit of a softer side, while closer "Nightcrawler" — a cover of Thee Oh Sees — brings back the heavy distortion and raunchy reverb and features vocals from both band members, Becky Black and Maya Miller.

Of the cover, the band explained in a statement: "Covering a Thee Oh Sees song was a no brainer, as they're a mutual favourite band. Most of the appeal to choosing 'Nightcrawler' as the cover, was that we both sing the whole song which is a first for us."
Meta Animal is officially out today (May 19) on iTunes through Nettwerk, and you can give it a listen in its entirety below.

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