Owls Announce Plans for Sophomore Album via New Trailer

Owls Announce Plans for Sophomore Album via New Trailer
Over a dozen years have passed since Joan of Arc/Cap'n Jazz offshoot Owls delivered their self-titled album, but the Chicago outfit have confirmed that a follow-up is due in 2014.

A quick trailer for the as-yet-untitled record arrived today (December 20), confirming that it will be issued through Polyvinyl Records at an unspecified date next year. The band's first LP was served up through Jade Tree in 2001.

Owls are made up of the core lineup of mid-'90s Midwest emo favourites Cap'n Jazz: vocalist Tim Kinsella, drummer Mike Kinsella, guitarist Victor Villarreal and bassist Sam Zurick. The band reported on Facebook last July that they had been writing the sophomore set over the past 18 months, later adding that they had finished recording the album in the middle of September. Judging by a pic uploaded to their Facebook, the record will include 13 songs.

In addition to shots of snarling dogs and elevator doors closing on guitar cases, the new trailer teases an unspecified Owls song threading together Villarreal's familiar water-trickling six-string complexities and Tim Kinsella's unmistakable singing voice, here apparently detailing time spent "in the green house."

Exclaim! praised Owls upon its release, saluting in particular the frontman's "scratched blackboard of a voice" and "intellectual lyrics."

While this may be the first Owls LP in 13 years, it should be noted members have continued to collaborate across projects like Joan of Arc and Make Believe over the years.

For proof, read our timeline on Tim and Mike Kinsella here.