Owen Pallett "Infernal Fantasy" (video)

Owen Pallett 'Infernal Fantasy' (video)
Owen Pallett's recent In Conflict LP is in no shortage of breathtaking moments. All the same, the orchestral pop master has now paired the arpeggio beauty of the album's "Infernal Fantasy" with a set of jaw-dropping vistas.

Despite lyrics outlining rainy days along big city overpasses, Steve Kado's video takes the tune into the great outdoors. Seen are snow-dusted mountaintops, the swirl of fog crossing a meadow, each cut timed to momentary dips in the synthwork. The well-cut vid eventually ups the ante by the time a manic drum beat is thrown in the mix, and puts on display a hell of an insect dance party.

You'll find the sleek and majestic "Infernal Fantasy" vid down below.

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