Overdrive One Hour in Techland

With track names like "Perversity,” "Bells of Doom,” "Hard Substance” and "Death with the Record,” this production by Montreal producer Overdrive is hard techno at its edgiest. From the city that is known in Canada for its European touch and promiscuous night life, Overdrive delivers the funk, the beats and the sultry bass lines that are most appropriate for a tech-heavy dance floor. Shuffling percussion, deep bass lines, double-time beat matching and fast paced rhythms are all blended together in a mix that will please those who like their music fast and frenetic. But this certainly isn't the CD for those who prefer more minimal, subtle beats. Notable unfortunate points were the ringing bells on "Bells of Doom,” that are a little too hard on the ears; "Passe-tekno”'s voices that are too high pitched and fast for comfort; "Remission”'s explicit vocals — "To be honest I am totally and completely on his dick" and "Death with the Record”’s breaks that sound a bit old school, with their cliché, silly and catchy characteristics. At those points on the record, I thought how it was cheesy and known as the type of music stereotypically associated with muscle head club guys. All criticism aside, the album would be a welcome addition to one's collection for playing on a car stereo during a long drive or while you're trying to stay awake and get that extra bit of energy. (Chilly Boo)