Outcry New World Raging

Twenty years ago a trio called the Police topped the charts as Sting showed his flair for crafting catchy ska tunes. Ottawa trio Outcry sounds very much like the Police in their early days when they brought a fresh sound into a scene saturated by sub-grade metal and punk. As sophisticated retreads go, this catchy set is played with confidence and conviction. The uptempo calypso “My Land” features memorable acoustic guitar and percussion breaks, but please, don’t kid yourself into thinking that there is anything fresh, new or revolutionary going on here. Outcry is simply an excellent pop-ska hybrid in the Police tradition. Fortunately they don’t sound like the Police at all. I much prefer Drew Gonsalves’s Jamaican accent to Sting’s white bread, while tunes like “Braxton” and “The River” confirm why this one will be a perfect choice whenever you want to give your next dance party an instant tropical vibe. (Independent)