Out to Lunch Melvin's Rockpile

Out To Lunch ply the murky waters between jam band, jazz-fusion and dance music with much success on their sophomore album. Right away it's evident that this ensemble, led by David Levy, aren't going to embarrass themselves. Reggae used to be a no-fly zone for anyone with a jazz background, but in "Song For The Solstice" the proper trance-like state is established, complete with a twisty bass clarinet solo. Hazy funk is also a strong point for the band, as in "Little Needle Knickers," which progresses from a benign beginning to a pounding disco/house groove. Some of the hard funk workouts fall a little short in intensity, though many succeed admirably. Throughout, Levy's soloing on bass clarinet, sax and bansuri flute is accomplished and compelling, while his deft use of Ableton Live elevates this from being latter-day Weather Report. (Accurate)