Our Mercury Your Medicine

Having spent the first four years of their musical lives in punk band Misdemeanor, the three remaining members took a musical change of direction when their guitarist left. They moved to Montreal and changed their name to Our Mercury, trying to move towards a more mature rock sound. These days, they have moved back to their hometown of Edmonton and their debut EP, Your Medicine, is result of the last few years jumping between cities and genres. Initially, it sounds as if they are going to harness the same kind of ferocity as the Constantines and run with it, but the majority of the songs don’t deliver on that promise. Instead, they inhabit the same ground as Hot Water Music or Jawbreaker, but without the same level of conviction. It is hard to pin down exactly what doesn’t work about Your Medicine, but by the time that the five songs are over, there’s very little chance that anything will have lodged itself in the listener’s head. There’s no doubt that Our Mercury demonstrate a whole bunch of potential but until their first album appears, the jury is very much sitting on the fence. (Farway)