O.T. Genasis "Ricky"

O.T. Genasis 'Ricky'
We've known for quite some time now that O.T. Genasis is in love with the "CoCo," so it should come as no surprise that the rapper's latest single has him just as eagerly praising the white stuff. Ready or not, he's just revealed the coke-themed "Ricky."

Like "CoCo," the beat is built around the slashing, staccato pace of faux-symphony strings, busily snicketying digitized hi-hat clips and a bassy boom. Genasis sticks to a spacious, mostly sung flow as he reports how he's the man in his city, quite possibly because he's sitting on a big stack of sellable product.

We're guessing that when Genasis croons that he's "feeling like I'm Ricky," he may be alluding to drug dealer "Freeway" Ricky Ross more so than MMG bawse Rick Ross.

You can sample Genasis' Rihanna references and lines about "one hell of a drug" down below.