Oscid Opening Sweep

Opening Sweep is a single track that spans 75 minutes and four seconds, making it one long continuous tangent of ambient and experimental abstraction. An assortment of sounds drift in throughout the recording, including film footage where the characters speak in heated German, coupled with dissonant guitar chords, radio and static ether, distant and ominous mechanical noises and field recordings of droning airport voices. At first, the noises and abstractions are spaced apart, only to come together like the frayed ends of a rope halfway into the track to form something resembling a rhythm. Two-thirds into the track, the sound picks up in tempo so that it is a more mechanical repetition than rhythmic. As the final third of the track plays, a carnival-esque melody hovers over the now dissolving structure, along with numerous voices and the sound of a passing train, which sounds like a troop of ghosts from yesteryear on their way to judgement. Opening Sweep is an eerie album that requires the listener to sit down and allow the composition to explain itself, like a constantly digressing troubled spirit that tells a long yet far from dull narrative. (Ash)