Makeout Videotape "Only You" (video)

Makeout Videotape 'Only You' (video)
Vancouver fuzz pop hooligans Makeout Videotape recently released Ying Yang as a free digital download, and now they've given lead track "Only You" the music video treatment. While Makeout Videotape's recordings suggest an excellent new talent in Canadian music, it's the weird, juvenile humour in their music videos that always shines.

 In this clip, they're on top of their goofball game as drummer Alex Calder is dressed up as a saucy, sultry blonde woman hosting her own cooking show. Later, the camera switches to frontman Mac DeMarco, bare-ass naked save for a culty pyramid on his head. The clip doesn't really make sense as a narrative, but antics like calling a crock pot a "cock pot" are sure to incite some LOLs if you've got the right sense of humour.

 Check out the Evan Prosofsky-directed video below.

Makeout Videotape — 'Only You' from Evan Prosofsky on Vimeo.