Makeout Videotape Treat 'Ying Yang' to Reissue

Makeout Videotape Treat 'Ying Yang' to Reissue
Before indie rock it boy Mac DeMarco went solo, he and Alex Calder (among others) were making music together under the moniker Makeout Videotape. Now, the old band have announced plans to reissue their 2010 LP Ying Yang.
A limited run of 1,200 12-inch copies of the album will arrive on August 20 via Thursday Friday.
The album was originally released online a few songs at a time, with the first six suddenly appearing without any advanced notice. Speaking to Exclaim! about the unconventional release of Ying Yang back in 2011, DeMarco said: "We didn't make very much money and I was just broke and tired, so I came back and lived at my mom's house for a while and didn't do much of anything. I just felt like telling the Internet we didn't die."
The final 13-track version of the record was initially passed around amongst DeMarco's friends, followed by an 'email me and I'll send it over' policy.

You can stream Ying Yang in its original entirety below via Bandcamp. The new updated album artwork for the vinyl reissue is pictured above.