Oneohtrix Point Never Returns with 'Replica'

Oneohtrix Point Never Returns with 'Replica'
While the recent release of Ford & Lopatin's Channel Pressure and RVNG's FRKWYS Vol. 7 suggests that electronic musician Daniel Lopatin is no doubt in a collaborative mood these days, the artist is hitting us up with another album from his Oneohtrix Point Never project.

The dreamy synthscape artist will be unleashing his next set, Replica, on November 8 via his Software imprint, which he runs with sometimes partner-in-crime Joel Ford as an offshoot of Mexican Summer.

According to press release, the album is said to be "an electronic song cycle based around lo-fi audio procured from television advertisement compilations." Replica was recorded at the Mexican Summer studio in Brooklyn.

You can see the artwork above and the tracklist below.


1. "Andro"

2. "Sleep Dealer"

3. "Power of Persuasion"

4. " Remember"

5. "Replica"

6. "Nassau"

7. "Submersible"

8. "Up"

9. "Child Soldier"

10. "Explain"