Ominous Seapods The Super Man Curse

The Ominous Seapods make themselves forerunners in the "jam" scene simply for having a daring quality in their approach, which is sort of Zappa-esque. Their "feel good" sound is rather light and they opt to have their paisley funk grooves hang in the air by some well-seasoned guitar playing and fearless use of horns. The wah-wah pedal is given a good run throughout and the occasional organ is given some grinding duties. But they key to the band's mystique is their multi-flavoured lyrics, which range from the intellectual, surreal, sociological, wry and downright humorous; the prime example is the quirky "Bong Hits and Porn." All the better, listeners are given the chance to get an idea of what they do best, which is play live - a second disc comprised of three live tracks is included, with the highlight definitely being a cover of "Ziggy Stardust." (Rykopalm)