Omar Rodríguez-López Announces Debut Album with Bosnian Rainbows

Omar Rodríguez-López Announces Debut Album with Bosnian Rainbows
Former Mars Volta guitarist Omar Rodríguez-López recently unveiled his latest project, Bosnian Rainbows. This newly christened band, who were originally known as the Omar Rodríguez-López Group, spent the early part of 2013 touring, and now they have announced their debut album.

The LP is self-titled and will be out on June 25 through Sargent House Records in North America and through Clouds Hill in Europe. It will be available in the usual vinyl, CD and digital formats.

The group shared a cryptic, minute-long teaser for the album. It doesn't offer much information about Bosnian Rainbows, but it contains grainy, vintage-looking shots of the band along with the sounds of quiet studio noodling.

The group have shared two singles from the album: the expansively synth-filled "Turtle Neck" and the '80s-tinged experimental pop number "Torn Maps." Listen to both of those tracks below, along with the aforementioned teaser video.

The band's upcoming schedule includes a small smattering of shows including a stop in Toronto later this month. See the itinerary below, and read our recent review of Bosnian Rainbows' Montreal gig here.

CORRECTION: Despite a listing on the band's Bandcamp page, it appears as if the Toronto date has been incorrectly listed.

Bosnian Rainbows:

1. Eli
2. Worthless
3. Dig Right In Me
4. The Eye Fell In Love
5. Cry For You
6. Morning Sickness
7. Torn Maps
8. Turtle Neck
9. Always On The Run
10. Red
11. Mother, Father, Set Us Free

Tour dates:

3/14 Mexico City, Mexico - Foro Sol
3/15 Mexico City, Mexico - Foro Sol
3/16 Guadalajara, Mexico - Teatro Diana
3/23 Toronto, ON - Virgin Mobile Mod Club
5/25 El Paso, TX - Cleveland Square Park