BY Nilan PereraPublished Jul 19, 2010

No, not the metal duo, but four of Europe's most skilled improvisers rekindling their initial '70s ECM/Japo forays into free-rock and putting them onto tracks in 2009. Urs Leimgruber, Christy Doran, Bobby Burri and Fredy Studer broke up OM in 1982 to go their separate, and significant, ways into the Euro improv scene, but this reunion is no tired rehash. The set opens with a babble of spoken word and mouth sounds that ease into precision-laced free-improv that speaks volumes about the weight of experience that 25 years apart gives to the making of spontaneous music. The psychedelia is present, but in equal parts to a thoroughly European prog discipline that veers back and forth between Gong, Hawkwind and the Spontaneous Music Ensemble.

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