Old World Vulture Old World Vulture

This Toronto, ON instrumental four-piece take their cues from the likes of Mogwai and Holy Fuck on their debut EP, infusing contagious synth melodies with fuzzed-out guitars and frenetic rhythms, to near perfection. As opening track "Destroyer" transitions to "Bastard Engine," any notion that they're merely creating carbon copies of their influences is erased. Devin Hughes controls the end of "Bastard Engine," using a repeated synth line to wash an indelible euphoric feeling over the listener. It beautifully balances the power and aggression earlier in the track. Old World Vulture change moods with each song, but without fracturing the EP's feel. The pounding drums at the end of "How The West Was Lost" effortlessly flow into "Benny," which begins with a hypnotic melody to challenge the previous track's hard-hitting effort. "Too Much Eye Makeup" ends the 24-minute disc on its strongest note, combining quickening drum beats and tinkering guitar lines with fervour. Old World Vulture's debut is an immense success. (Independent)