Old Man Gloom Take 'The Ape of God' on West Coast Tour

Old Man Gloom Take 'The Ape of God' on West Coast Tour
Old Man Gloom confused the hell out of us earlier this fall when they revealed that their The Ape of God was not one but two separate releases going by the same name. In what's hopefully a more straightforward move, the band have announced a short run of West Coast tour dates early next year.

The trip was announced today (December 16) through Old Man Gloom's Facebook page, which noted that they'll be taking The Ape of God to a handful of stages in February and March. The metal band's monkeyshines start up north with an appearance in Vancouver, though a venue has yet to be confirmed. The rest of the trip has them travelling down south all the way to Los Angeles.

You'll find the itinerary as-is below.

"Get ready, a shitstorm is coming," the band said in a statement of their upcoming "West Coast Residency 2015" trip, adding, "The Rapture is upon you. Well, almost."

As previously reported, Old Man Gloom had issued an eight-song, condensed "fake" version of The Ape of God to media, expecting a leak to hit the web. It was later revealed by the band that The Ape of God would be issued as two separate albums.

Tour dates:

02/26 Vancouver, BC - TBA

02/27 Seattle, WA - TBA

02/28 Portland, OR - TBA

03/02 Chico, CA - TBA

03/03 San Francisco, CA - TBA

03/04 Los Angeles, CA - TBA