Old Man Gloom "The Lash" (video)

Old Man Gloom 'The Lash' (video)
Just a couple days ahead of Old Man Gloom's West Coast tour, the monstrous metal supergroup are stoking the flames of anticipation with a new ritualistic video behind The Ape of God's "The Lash."

The track's opening wash of windy sounds is fit nicely with visuals of a shamanic drifter dragging a pile of twigs across a dusty, desolate landscape. As night falls, an eerie construct is erected, immolating everything and anything in its immediate vicinity.

While flesh turns to bone by the time the pyre is extinguished the next morning, a regenerative closing scene suggests the fiery ritual will occur again and again.

Old Man Gloom plays Vancouver's Electric Owl venue with Coliseum and Baptists on Thursday (February 26). You'll find out more about the tour over here.