Old Bombs Audios

As there seems to be a computer in every home these days, many producers have sprung up with an agenda totally foreign to traditional songwriters. Instead of verses and choruses, they’ve released audio documents rather than albums and have created an odd sub-genre devoid of melody, structure or most other traditional musical devices. Old Bombs’ Audios is a bit of a headache with its CD-skips, high-frequency blips and white noise but one thing is for sure; it’s a pretty original listen. Assembled by mail between a trio of American musicians (Brooklyn’s Carlos Giffoni and Miami’s Dino Felipe and Vanessa Payes), Audios is probably not classifiable as music per say; rather a series of digital malfunctions and abrasive sounds mashed together to make one total head-fuck of a record. Ashanti makes a quick, likely unauthorised appearance but is promptly manipulated into the glitch mayhem that’s present for the entire CD. It’s kind of interesting to sit down and listen to the whole thing but it could do some damage to your system long-term. Truthfully, this disc is probably only good for freaky drug trips or sample-thieving glitch producers. (Soft Abuse)