Old 97s / Chuck Prophet Lee's Palace, Toronto ON - September 12, 2004

A little cow-punk, a little surf-country and a little rockabilly, Toronto's alt-country crowd got all this and more when the Old 97s galloped into town along with New West Records label-mate Chuck Prophet. Prophet's 45-minute set showcased songs from his latest disc, Age of Miracles. The highlight was the Latino urban "You Did (Bomp Shooby Dooby Bomp)." Near the end of his set, Prophet pleaded with the crowd to join the lone fan that inhabited the dance pit. While only a dozen disciples took up this musical messiah's call, by the time the Old 97s arrived, the pit was packed. The four hombres from El Paso wasted no time in getting the pit sweating. Roger Miller and his mates moseyed through most of the tracks off their new disc, Drag it Up, opening their set with the rollicking "Won't Be Home." Other highlights were "Smokers" and "Borrowed Bride." High points covered from their previous six albums were "Big Brown Eyes," "Murder (or a Heart Attack)" and "Barrier Reef." Miller looked like a kid playing for the first time, his boyish enthusiasm infecting the crowd. He played with such frenzy that he broke strings left and right all night. The show concluded with the barnstormer "Doreen." Two encore sets followed with the band finally ending this magical musical evening with their explosive hit "Time Bomb."