Of Montreal "Bassem Sabry" (video)

Of Montreal 'Bassem Sabry' (video)
Of Montreal's new album Aureate Gloom is one of the most frantic, fractured releases of the adventurous band's career, and now they've brought this weirdness to life with the video for "Bassem Sabry."

The visuals are every bit as strange as this funky tune, since we see frontman Kevin Barnes traipsing through the countryside in a floppy hat, some bizarre routines involving four masked women, a ritual involving spitting on a honeycomb, freaky art-project abstractions, some apropos-of-nothing captions, vortex-like spinning umbrellas, and lots more strangeness.

It was directed by Ben Rouse. Check it out below.

Aureate Gloom is out on Polyvinyl Records.