Oetz/Wagner/Stuart Permanent Flow

The title of this CD gives you a fairly good idea of what goes on in the music. This grouping — led by Jascha Oetz on contrabass with Andreas Wagner on Tenor sax and Greg Stuart on drums — cruise along with a sense of paranormal improv communication that generally makes the best free music. The moods shift from dense, staccato aggression to thoughtful etudes with a strong connective thread running through it all. One of the most interesting things about this release is that the instruments each occupy equal space within the music. That is to say that the role of a lead player is blurred to the point that one has to deal with the music as an integrated whole, with ideas rising and developing within the trio rather than a soloist with accompanying players. Lots of imagination, split-second timing and great communication make this a fine example of spontaneous music performance. (Accretions)