Odd Nosdam Scores Element Skate Film, Releases Soundtrack

Odd Nosdam Scores Element Skate Film, Releases Soundtrack
Always busy Anticon producer Odd Nosdam has announced he's taking his love for skateboarding to the next level. In conjunction with Element Skateboards, the one-time cLOUDDEAD beatsmith has scored the company's This Is My Element film and is now releasing his efforts via an upcoming LP dubbed T.I.M.E. Soundtrack, "an original, artist-composed score crafted to the beat of polyurethane pounding pavement," the press release tells us.

For each of the album's 13 tracks, Odd Nosdam tailored his work to fit the style of each respective Element skateboarder, meaning he takes a lot of different approaches on this one. On the album, you'll find Nosdam dabbling in everything from folksy instrumentals to guitar-driven rock tracks to some good ol' boom-bap, ambient fuzz, grime and a whole lot of in between.

The film itself is already out, but the T.I.M.E. Soundtrack will drop March 10 courtesy of Anticon. Here's the tracklist:

1. "Zone Coaster"
2. "T.I.M.E. In"
3. "Cop Crush"
4. "We Bad Apples"
5. "Trunk Bomb"
6. "Top Rank"
7. "Fly Mode"
8. "Ethereal Slap"
9. "Root Bark"
10. "One for Dallas"
11. "Root Loop"
12. "Wig Smasher"
13. "T.I.M.E. Out"

Odd Nosdam "Kill Tone"