Odd Nosdam "Vapes"

Odd Nosdam 'Vapes'
Few producers are as creatively prolific as Anticon co-founder David P. Madson, famously known as Odd Nosdam. For proof, his upcoming effort Lost Wigs of Ohio is a 40-track compilation of rescues from the cutting room floor produced between 2000 and 2004 alone. And you can check out the premiere of the track "Vapes" ahead of its release.

In between crafting his lauded instrumentals for cLOUDDEAD, several full-lengths' worth of beats for cerebral rapper Serengeti, and a whole slew of remixes and solo albums that positioned him on the cutting edge of instrumental hip-hop and experimental ambient music, Madson has thrown away more worthy tracks than most people have ever made. And Lost Wigs of Ohio shows this in stunning colour.

This impressive if intimidating collection takes a true snapshot of a period in Madson's life. Four years' worth of material spliced together on an MPC2000 with crate-dug records, VHS tapes and a smattering of Casio keyboard, the record was all recorded to DAT tape on a Tascam 8-track, then largely forgotten or lost by its creator.

Thankfully, "Vapes" is among those tracks recovered.

In a statement, Odd Nosdam had this to say about the track:

"Vapes" is all '80s samples. Arpeggiated loops layered over the opening drum break of a lame-ass cover of Michael Jackson's 'Billie Jean' (see attached). It's also the very last tune I put together on the MPC2000 before embarking on a cLOUDDEAD UK / Europe tour where, while sound checking in Leeds, smoke began pouring out of the vents of my MPC (sound guy plugged my live rig in without a proper voltage converter). Luckily, we managed to play the show that night and finish the rest of the tour no problem. Not so long after returning home, a friend offered to sell me his super clean SP1200. I'd wanted one for years so figured why fix my busted MPC when I can just grab this SP and keep it moving. "Vapes," lost for over 10 years, was retrieved off of one of many DAT tapes. Thanks for listening.

On Friday (June 1), Lost Wigs of Ohio will arrive courtesy of Burnco Recs. For now, though, hear "Vapes" down below.