O.A.R. Any Time Now

The problem with hometown heroes is that once you cross the county line, you see the road filled with other heroes and they all look the same. O.A.R (aka ofarevolution) is in this position. After three full-length CDs and a busy tour schedule, they have released Any Time Now, a double-live record rife with crowd interaction and fan sing-alongs. That's where it begins and ends. Any lyrical content is largely lost, although the playing is undeniably technically tight. Meeting as high school mates, Chris Culos, Jerry DePizzo, Benj Gershman, Richard On and Mark Roberge formed the band in 1997. Mixing roots-rock, ska, reggae and whatever else, O.A.R's sound doesn't come across as terribly unique - pop with a groove. According to their web site, the band is playing some festival dates with Sheryl Crow, Train and Ziggy Marley. Any Time Now is a treat for fans, but not for the rest of us. (Everfine)