Numbers & Figures The Parable of the Broken Window

It’s true, Toronto is flooded with amazing indie rock bands, many with the goal of breaking boundaries, and some who succeed at that phenomenally. Well, there’s always room for one more (if in fact, they are great) and on that note allow me to introduce Toronto’s best-kept secret, Numbers & Figures. Once known as Portraits, these three melody masters have been caught sharing stages with Chin Up Chin Up and DD/MM/YYYY, and now they finally have a gorgeous debut album to accompany their explosive live shows. The Parable of the Broken Window was recorded at Sleepytown Sound with Ryan Mills (Fox Jaws, the Most Serene Republic) and showcases their eclectic approach to writing rock melody-drenched tunes. Whether it’s aggressive moments of pure bliss ("Our Eyes, Our Feet”) akin to Moneen, post-rock ambiance that builds out of thin air ("Light Vs. Silhouette”) or invigorating group chant-alongs with catchy riffing ("I am Not Afraid of the Monsters Under My Bed”), every cut is tackled with pristine charm and undeniably raw passion. "That Trio Was Just a Quintet Waiting to Happen” is one hell of a rock song, adding to the many unforgettable moments that comprise this groundbreaking debut. The lyrical work is insanely impressive, as well. There are also harmonies courtesy of the girls from Reily and help with handclaps and group chants courtesy of label-mates Rockets!, adding to the overall ambitious nature of this young, undoubtedly promising Canadian act. (Meadows Collective)