Nuclear Ramjet Mission to Sedina

Reminiscent of Underworld circa Beaucoup Fish in all the best ways, this is the second album from the Montreal-based outfit. Uncompromising but not inaccessible, it’s dance floor-rocking without being too repetitive for home listening. You’ll find guitars and vocals here and there amongst the electronics, but always tastefully done — none of this "have to add guitars to justify FACTOR funding” business. Opening track "Foldingtime 147” fits in two separate memorable pop songs into its 13 minutes. "Son of a Bush” could have been on Sasha & Digweed’s classic Northern Exposure comp — it’s good but slightly behind the curve — and closer "The Missing Moon 100,” while close to Boards of Canada, takes forever to make its point. But techno thumpers like "Atomic Empire 326,” "Minas Tirith 452” and "Osho 310” make us forget the minor missteps. Mission is an excellent example of integrity in Canadian electronic music — I just wonder why there are all these numbers after the titles? (HVE/Image/Paradox)