Nü Sensae Recruit Mutators Guitarist to Become Three-Piece

Nü Sensae Recruit Mutators Guitarist to Become Three-Piece
Earlier this year, Vancouver doom punks Nü Sensae revealed plans to release their forthcoming sophomore album on venerable Seattle imprint Suicide Squeeze. It was a big change for the band, who have previously worked with much smaller labels, but even more change is coming with the news that they will now perform as a three-piece.

Previously composed of vocalist/bassist Andrea Lukic and drummer Daniel Pitout, the duo have recruited Brody McKnight to join as a guitarist. In a post on their Facebook page, they wrote, "After 5 years of recording and playing as a 2 piece, our dear friend Brody McKnight (Mutators/Sex Negatives) will be playing guitar with us. We're now in the process of writing our next record as a 3 piece, same doom and gloom only louder."

In an interview with Exclaim!, Pitout explained the reason for the lineup expansion, saying, "We have actually been talking about adding a guitarist for over a year now. It came from the fact that we feel like we have done as much (musically) as we can with just the two instruments. I think we tend to get bored easily and it is really important for us to keep evolving as a band."

With that in mind, Pitout assured us that the addition of a guitar won't mean a farewell to the Nü Sensae sound. "I don't think the change to the band will be drastic. The guitarist we've picked is one of our best friends, whom both of us have played music with for years, so we are all really on the same page anyway."

So far, Nü Sensae have yet to reveal when we can expect their debut for Suicide Squeeze.

NU SENSAE - I'M A BODY from codyfennell on Vimeo.