Nü Sensae Perform "Swim"

Nü Sensae Perform 'Swim'
Things got loud when Exclaim! TV met up with Vancouver punk outfit Nü Sensae at their recent Toronto show with EMA.

Performing as a duo until recently, the band recently added a new dynamic when they recruited Mutators guitarist Brody McKnight to join the line-up. Nü Sensae also surprised fans by recently signing to Suicide Squeeze, though drummer Daniel Pitout explained, "We have always been into the DIY ethic and being really involved in everything we do, but booking 65 international shows, scrounging up money we don't have to record and trying to get people to sell our records all by ourselves can get a little exhausting after a few years."

So with a new line-up and record deal in place, Exclaim! TV thought there was no better time to hook up for a video session. Watch the band perform as-of-yet unreleased track "Swim" in the clip above.