Nü Sensae Perform "Spit Gifting"

Nü Sensae Perform 'Spit Gifting'
Vancouver punks Nü Sensae were in town recently on their tour with EMA, and Exclaim! TV caught up with the group, who recently became a trio. With the addition of Mutators' guitarist Brody McKnight, the band's sound is even louder, as proven in the new performance of as-of-yet unreleased track "Spit Gifting."

The noisy outfit also recently signed a record deal with Suicide Squeeze, so we should have lots of new material from them in the near future. If you haven't already seen it, make sure you take a look at Nü Sensae's performance of "Swim" over here. Check out the video above to watch the band power through new tune "Spit Gifting" on Exclaim! TV.