Nü Sensae "Spit Gifting" (video)

Nü Sensae 'Spit Gifting' (video)
Vancouver scuzz-punk trio Nü Sensae stunned us last year with an Exclaim! TV performance of "Spit Gifting," a grizzly blast that's big on angsty guitars, bombastic drum thuds and Andrea Lukic's inimitable howl. The band are now celebrating the scary Sundowning number anew in a psychedelic vid.

The clip jumps from some soft-focus jam-space clips to close-up portrait shots of each member's mug, which serve as a mean juxtaposition to Godley and Crème's "Cry." The whole vid is awash in quick cuts and the bright neon glow of strobing lights, so watch at your own peril if those sorts of things are prone to wrecking your peepers.