Nü Sensae "I'm a Body" (video)

Nü Sensae 'I'm a Body' (video)
Sludgy Vancouver punk duo Nü Sensae possess the enormous, rumbling distortion and wall of sound of a much larger band. That's probably because drummer Daniel Pitout and bassist Andrea Lukic work together like peanut butter and jelly, a fact that's illustrated quite literally in their new video for the song "I'm a Body."

The track's slight melodic bent is met with the group's sludgy and dark M.O. Fittingly, the video is also both playful and off-putting as a pack of dogs lick the group's faces in slow motion as Lukic belts out her shrieked vocals.

Check out the clip below. Nü Sensae's TV, Death and the Devil is available now from Nominal Records.

NU SENSAE - I'M A BODY from codyfennell on Vimeo.